African-American Cultural Affairs Program

Soul Star Live provides news, current events analysis, coverage of arts and culture, and health care information that is culturally relevant to the African-American community in the Southwest and beyond.

Upcoming Episodes

We’re kicking off our 6th season this week with a sequel to our season 1 episode called Black Love. This time around we invite a young engaged couple, Deadra and Cameron from Orange County to ask questions of four seasoned married couples in this special Valentine’s Day episode.


(Feb. 21, 2021)

Check back soon. More about this episode coming.


Remembering the Buffalo Soldiers
(Feb. 28, 2021)

This week we explore the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers, one of the largest groups of service members in U.S. history. Find out how they got started, some of the challenges they faced as they integrated the U.S. armed services, and the unique story of the first woman to serve in the service alongside men.